Saturday, April 2, 2011

London International Pillow Fight Day 2011 flashmob

Today is International Pillow Fight Day 2011. As I write this, various pillow fight flash mob has happened or are happening in cities around the world from Hong Kong, Lisbon, Paris, Cape Town to New York. The London event happened today at 3pm at Trafalgar Square where several hundred participants pounded each other for almost an hour. It was incredibly fun and full of energy, with people from all walks of life participating. Many has vowed to make it for next year's International Pillow Fight Day 2012 - to be held on 7 April 2012.


I have just been informed that the 'Fight for Japan' pillowcases you see in the pictures I posted below were designed by Quick & Shirty. The pillowcases were sold at the Pillow Fight day in London. In fact you can buy t-shirts and other merchandises with the design on it, with all proceeds going towards the Japan Red Cross.

Here's a short video clip I recorded while in the middle of the pillow fight action:

And here are a selection of pictures:
 You can find more pictures here.


Quick and Shirty said...

Fantastic photos! - Great event. I made the 'Fight for Japan' design, and the Londoners did the rest... Just thought I'd let you know I've made the design available for those who still want it, over here:

I've used one of your photos (with credit and link back) on my post, let me know if it's not OK and I will change it.

Cheers - great pics :D

Jon Choo said...

Thanks for the compliment. I've no problem with you using the picture.

I've just dropped a comment on your blog, and updated my post to reflect the effort you made. Good job!

See you again next year! :D

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