Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nokia N8 USB On-The-Go

The Nokia N8 features a unique feature (to Symbian at least) called USB On-The-Go. USB OTG basically allows users to plug USB devices such as flash drives and, with enough power, portable hard drives into their mobile device, in this case the N8.

What this means is that owners of the N8 have easy access to their files on other external drives without the need to use a PC. Users can also use the N8 to charge any devices that accepts USB charging, although I don't see any reason for doing so. Unfortunately the N8's USB OTG function does not seem to recognise any of my mouse (a VAIO wired and Logitech wireless).

My lovely VOIP Sony VAIO mouse isn't supported

A storage device like this thumb drive will work just fine

The N8 had no issue recognising my four year old Samsung YP-U1Q DAP

I honestly thought this would work, but the N8 refuses to play nice with the PSP :(

Similarly it threw a hissy fit when connected to a M2 card reader

Not surprising - a portable hard drive like this will need to be connected to an external power supply first



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Nokia X3-02 con DivX y USB On The Go