Saturday, October 2, 2010

Foursquare Super Swarm London meetup

A couple of weeks ago a movement to create the first Foursquare Super Swarm gathering outside the US was founded by Chris Pearson on twitter.

After a bit of research I found out that this can't be done as there are already Super Swarm badges unlocked outside the US - for example one in Indonesia. In fact they may have already been a Super Swarm badge in Europe - we just do not know due to recent changes in Foursquare privacy settings. As a Superswarm badge is still a rather rare and highly sought after badge to obtain (even Nokia World did not produce a Swarm, much less a Super Swarm...), all these does not matter. What matters most is we get a Super Swarm badge.

Well Chris and a couple of other Foursquare enthusiasts got together to work out the details of the meet. A date was first set, 7 October 2010, and it was decreed that London should host it. With a population of 7 million in London and almost 14 million people within Metropolitan London, it makes sense so don't bring up the London bias argument. Next was choosing a venue. A public place like Trafalgar Square would have been cool as it would mean we could have also relied on tourists check-ins, but they decided that a venue would have been better. And it makes sense, because we want to be able to chat with people and socialise. The venue selected for this honour is the Jewel Bar in Soho.

So Londoners, if you are after that Super Swarm badge - drop by the Jewel Bar and check-in between 6pm and 9pm on Thursday 7 October.

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Rhea O'Connor said...

It wouldn't have been a super swarm without you! thanks so much for your photos! Looking forward to the next Foursquare's in the works :)