Friday, October 29, 2010

Angry Birds plush toy review

Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds has been taking the mobile gaming world by storm. The recently released Android version saw over 2 million downloads in its first weekend. As of October 2010, over 10 million Apple iOS version were sold. The game is also available on the Symbian^3, Maemo and WebOS platforms. There are also plans to release it to the PlayStation Portable/PS3 platform as a PSP Mini game. It is quite literally one of the best selling games of 2010.

In Angry Birds, players attempts to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by evil pigs, using a slingshot to launch birds at structures that are imprisoning the eggs. There are a variety of birds available in the game. Each has their own abilities, for example the blue birds can separate into three smaller birds while white birds can drop bombs.

Rovio Mobile, the Finnish developer behind Angry Birds, has today revealed that five Angry Birds plush toys will be made available this Christmas. These are based on the red, blue, yellow, white and black varieties. Each of the bird will cost US$14.99 not including international shipment. Already some of them has sold out, so better be quick if you want one of these cute 8" plush toys for Christmas.

But... these are not the birds I am reviewing today! The version I have is significantly smaller, and in my opinion looks better. I only got it because my good friend Julien Fourgeaud managed to snag a couple from Nokia and Rovio whilst he was in Finland earlier this month for #LeStudio52 members. I've had it for two weeks, but decided it was time to finally remove it from its plastic prison.

All I can say for now are that these are freaking awesome. Each of the birds have a built-in slingshot/catapult. They also make noise when flung around. They are in essence, real life versions of their video game counterpart. As far as I know, these are not on sale yet. But keep an eye peeled because when they do, they will sell like hotcakes.


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