Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lomography Fotoclips

Who doesn't like showing off pictures? Well, we do and while showing them on our 32" HD telly is nice, what we thought would be brilliant was putting it up on a wall. And thus the fridge wall of awesomeness was born. As well as brightening up our daily life, it was also a great conversational starter.

Unfortunately we've since ran out of space. We had to either start replacing pictures (which I didn't want) or start blutacking them all over the kitchen area (which I didn't want either). Fortunately for us I recently came across a solution in the form of Lomography's Fotoclips.

Fotoclips are tiny transparent mounts designed to fasten two or more photographs together. For £7, you get 100 transparent '2D clips', along with 10 pieces of orange '3D clips'. Lomography advertises these for lomo pictures, but obviously you can use these for various prints. It is cheaper than getting twenty picture frames, tidier and infinitely more fun.

We've used them to create a (pretty unimaginative I've to admit) picture wall on an unoccupied side of the wall in our living room, but if you allow your imagination to run wild you can create all sort of things, including a lampshade. We will of course be creating a picture wall on the other side solely consisting of lomo pictures in due course.


Kate said...

How did you get the photos to stay close to the wall? I've just tried using these clips and the photos seem to bend out from the wall a lot, casting shadows behind them. Did you use thumb tacks or pins in every couple of holes?

Jon said...

I used some white blutacks on the back. Not plenty, but it helps.