Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three UK meetup

Last Thursday I was invited to meet the new Three 'social media' team. If you haven't heard, Three has decided to create a new in-house team. While it was sad not being able to work with Michelle again, at least not within Three, the new team are raring to get into business with forming a relationship with bloggers. And what better way to break the ice than having a meetup! Having said that, we hope they will extend this relationship to you loyal readers as well.

They had the new MiFi for trial and as you would have known from this review you will know I love it. I was given another trial MiFi 2 to play with and this was stolen on Saturday while I was travelling in a packed Tube. The team was kind enough to arrange for another MiFi to be sent out the next day! So yeah, @ThreeUKLatest = amazing people!

One of my regret of the evening (the other being there was little time to talk to everyone) was not spotting the iPad competition on the window. I guess I was busy making sure I was at the right place as I thought the meet was supposed to be at Meza but was in fact was held at the cigar bar next to it! Still a massive congratulations to Melinda for winning it!

Also was great to meet other bloggers, most of whom I've already met before, including Abul of, Dan of World of Nokia, Richard Lai of Engadget, Marc Flores, John Wood of, Stephen Wing, Ben Smith, Chris of, Christiano Betta and of course, Melinda of


Anonymous said...

What is the coverage like?

Craig Richards said...

I am currently testing the V2 mifi, I have the version 1 already. I find the coverage not be a problem, for most of places I need it London and Essex where I live is nearly always have a very good strong HSDPA connection