Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's all about people

This is final part of a series of tech and social related posts relating to last week, of which I now dub - the week of awesomeness. The previous were about Nokia World 2010, HTC London event and the meet up organised by the new Three Mobile social media team.

So the best bit of last week? The people. Okay, I was pretty stoked that my twitter comment got firked as well, but seriously it is all about the people. Nokia and HTC can show off a device that actually did came equipped with kitchen sinks and it wouldn't matter if you can't share the excitement with wonderful friends.

The pre-Nokia World event at 1000Heads/WOMWorldNokia tower was pretty epic as I finally had the opportunity to meet people I've known online for some time but never able to put a face with their online handler. So kudos to everyone involved in organising the meet, including James Whatley of 1000Heads and Micky of Also massive cheer to WOMWorldNokia for hosting us, and apologies to the rest of 1000Heads for creating so much noise. Head over here for pictures of the meet.

Equally awesome was the Nokia World evening party in Debut London, I mean friggin iced vodka and gin & tonic cloud room. I've never had a headache as bad as after the party, and it lasted up right through the HTC event the following day... Just so you know, I've already drawn up a plan to quit drinking for a month, but alas this failed on the first day... Still I am determined to see through this plan before my birthday next month. 

If you've been following my tweets for the past couple of weeks, you would have seen me occasionally tweeting from #LeStudio52. It is about making things happen and using our collective power to do so. In any case watch the #LeStudio52 hashtag on twitter for more info, and watch this space. We already have Heather from GiffGaff (a virtual mobile network on o2) coming around and distributing sim cards. If anyone would like one, ping me on twitter and I would be happy to give you one.

Also successful was the #4sqLDN night of ping pong and golf. Well I didn't attend the table tennis bit as I was running a bit late from Nokia World (I even decided to give the HTC meetup a miss), but the golfing bit was brilliant. I haven't touched a golf club for over ten years so the night was a display of massive golfing fail. Cheers to City Limits Golf for putting up with us noisy lot and to David and Diana for organising this.

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Was great to finally meet you too matey!