Monday, September 13, 2010

Nokia phone bench

Last Wednesday I spent some time with Katie of WOMWorldNokia and Benny of Pink Pegion checking out the making of park benches made of recycled Nokia phones at Artem, a cool art studio specialising in special effects for clients in the TV and film industry (they did the effects in Hot Fuzz, the Gremlins in Gremlins, the bunnies from Sony's Bravia "Playdoh" ad).

Anyway, this is a project initiated by Nokia. The park benches, which are to displayed at Nokia World in ExCeL London, are made of the ABS plastic from old Nokia phones. Park benches may sound boring compared to Gremlins and Hot Fuzz, but they still look good and I love the paint job on them. It is a good start, and time will tell if initiatives like this will spur more people to help recycle their old gadgets into something a bit more useful, like a rollercoaster. ;)

Oh Nokia, since me and Katie did some work on them, perhaps you peeps can arrange to deliver one to each of us? Please?!?


kylemaniaa said...

wow! Awesome pictures:)

Anonymous said...

These were at Nokia World!