Monday, May 24, 2010

Metric @ KOKO London

Metric @ KOKO London 23 May 2010
This was my first gig photography with a photo pass, and the fact that it was for Metric made the whole deal sweeter. All the pictures from the pit were shot with a cheap but fast 50mm AF f/1.8D Nikkor lens as I found my 18-105mm to be inadequately slow.

I had loads of fun and to be able to shoot Emily Haines was a dream come true. Also thanks to Davoud D (flickr id: sony_boy) for the tips, and to Metric for providing such an exhilarating and entertaining performance. The acoustic version of 'Combat Baby', performed as an encore, was simply sublime. The crowd in particular was amazing and both Metric fans and none fans alike seems to be lapping it up. Surely mainstream success is just around the corner?

The special edition version of Fantasies is out today. Do make sure to grab it.

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