Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gumtreepeople project

Seems that I've allowed myself to commit to another project, this time with Gumtree. Gumtree People is a project that aims to highlight what people think is best of their local community. Kinda like what I am actually doing outside of this blog, but for free! Haha... (but I am in this for the top prize!)

I've been living in St. Albans for a good six months now and pretty much have a good understanding of this market town. It is a brilliant place to live in and I am not saying that because we bought a place here. Rather because St. Albans is such a brilliant place is precisely why we chose to move here.

So over the next one week (actually probably just this weekend) you'll be seeing me walking up and down the streets of St. Albans, armed with a 'disposable' digital camera (ok, D90 - let's hope that Hertfordshire Constabulary isn't as crazy as their Kent counterpart), book and pencil whilst taking pictures and lord knows what else. Should be fun, I hope.

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