Monday, June 15, 2009

Nokia E75 unboxing

Look at what DHL develivered today. I was expecting a parcel, but didn't expect this! O_o

Glamour pictures later tonight. Impressions will have to wait till next week after my Lake Distirct trip, which I'll take advantage as a testing bed for the E75's GPS capabilities (with ViewRanger) and its photographic functions.

Thanks to Donna @ WomWorld for providing the E75.

The E75 is available unlocked for around £300 at Amazon UK and US$450 at


QUIK! said...

LOL a box in a box in a box in a suitcase, what a way to treat the environment!

Jon Choo said...

Fortunately it is only the review unit(s).

Rebeca said...

Mobile in suitcase, really its a great treat.

cheap DSi r4 said...

I will like to get one for my wife today. But i will like to know, how long will the E75 last for and what is the condition of sliding. i mean how is it adopt to risk. and lstly can i access DSTV station without any charges.