Thursday, June 25, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 OST cover art and track list

One thing you can almost from every Battlestar Galactica fans to agree upon is the brilliant score by Bear McCreary. My personal favourite is season three's soundtrack, but rest assured all three soundtracks are worth buying and listening to.

Bear McCreary has finally confirmed that the two-disc season four/finale soundtrack will be released next month on 21 July. According to Bear, the second disc will include virtually every second of the "Daybreak" score and almost all tracks will be "nice and long", with one in excess of 15 minutes!


1. Gaeta’s Lament “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”
2. The Signal “Revelations”
3. Resurrection Hub “The Hub”
4. The Cult of Baltar “He That Believeth in Me” and “Escape Velocity”
5. Farewell Apollo “Six of One”
6. Roslin Escapes “Blood on the Scales”
7. Among the Ruins “Sometimes a Great Notion”
8. Laura Runs “A Disquiet Follows My Soul”
9. Cally Descends “The Ties That Bind”
10. Funeral Pyre “Sometimes a Great Notion”
11. Roslin and Adama Reunited “The Hub”
12. Gaeta’s Lament (Instrumental) “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”
13. Elegy “Someone to Watch Over Me”
14. The Alliance “Revelations”
15. Blood on the Scales “The Oath” and “Blood on the Scales”
16. Grand Old Lady “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”
17. Kara Remembers “Someone to Watch Over Me”
18. Boomer Takes Hera “Someone to Watch Over Me”
19. Dreilide Thrace Sonata No. 1 “Someone to Watch Over Me”
20. Diaspora Oratorio “Revelations”


1. Caprica City, Before the Fall
2. Laura’s Baptism
3. Adama in the Memorial Hallway
4. The Line
5. Assault on the Colony
Featuring Raya Yarbrough, vocals
6. Baltar’s Sermon
7. Kara’s Coordinates
8. Earth
9. Goodbye Sam
10. The Heart of the Sun
Contains “Theme from Battlestar Galactica”
by Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson
11. Starbuck Disappears
12. So Much Life
13. An Easterly View
14. The Passage of Time

You can pre-order the epic season four soundtrack now from or Amazon UK

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