Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Video of police assaulting Ian Tomlinson

The Guardian has published a video of police assaulting Ian Tomlinson, the man who died in last week's G20 demonstration, allegedly due to a heart attack. He was an innocent bystander who was walking home from work and was not participating in the protest.

The video clearly shows how the masked thugs, sorry, police has deliberately targeted and assaulted him, first with a baton and then pushing him over to the ground. This despite Mr. Tomlinson walking away from the police, unarmed and defenseless. A scene by scene analysis is available here.

Sadly I doubt anything will come out of this and the IPCC will whitewash this like they do with others. Anybody who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves. Remember Jean Charles de Menezes? Why do you think the authorities are doing their best to ban public photography?


zewt said...

suddenly, the malaysian fru spraying water to malaysians aint that bad eh?

Jon said...

Video of police whacking an unarmed woman:


IPCC's statement of lack of CCTV evidence proven to be a lie:


Jon said...
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Jon said...

More on the video footage of the plod who slapped and striked an unarmed female protester:



Jon said...

According to a second post mortem, Ian Tomlinson died of internal bleeding and not heart attack.