Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More on Sony über Walkman X1000 series

The Japanese version, NW-X1060 will be out next week. Pre-order details at which includes both black and red versions, plus an aluminium version exclusive to Sony Style Japan. The NW version is rumoured to have both Sonicstage and UMS transfer technology (Sonicstage for Atrac3 files, UMS for drag and dropping MP3 files).

The UK release of the NWZ-X1000 series is next month. No additional colours has been announced yet. The 32GB X1060 is available for pre-order for £249.99 and the 16GB X1050 for £199.99.


QUIK! said...

To be honest, this is the first Sony product that I wasn't really wow-ed by....the granite look just look dated IMO, they need to break away from this mould

Am waiting for the next series...and massive storage, please!

Jon said...

I kinda agree about the granite and flash space. There is a Sony Style exclusive without the 'dandruff' finish which is very nice. I will probably also wait for 64GB version myself.

Anonymous said...
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