Friday, April 3, 2009

Patapon 2 mini-review

The sequel to one of the most original game of last year is equally as joyful as its predecessor. Patapon 2 features some new features that ought to satisfy fans of the first game as well gain new ones.

The gameplay of the first game has been retained. The idea remains that the control of your small army is through beating the face buttons in rhythms. A certain combination of buttons will signify a different action such as 'advance', 'attack' or 'defend'. Do so long enough without any mistakes and your Patapons will go into 'Fever' mode, where their stats are enhanced. Of course keeping your Patapon's rhythm won't work unless you plan ahead and like any good RPG, you should plan ahead. Enemies have different weaknesses and weather can play a role into the strategy you form. Placing your archers at the back will usually work, but not always.

It isn't all old though. New Patapons are available to be unlocked and there is the usual plethora of mini-games. In addition to that there is the Patapon Heropon who is able to perform special attacks during 'Fever' mode. The Heropon's class can also be switch before each mission. Also new in this version includes a multiplayer mode that involves giant eggs where four players must defend the egg from an onslaught of multiplayer enemies, whilst moving it to a egg-hatching thingy. Once placed, the egg must be hatched through the synchronising the rhythm.

Patapon 2 at a glance is more or less the same game, and there is nothing wrong with that. I believe those new to the franchise will the title to be a delight and veterans of the first game will find adequate amount of new features on offer. It is superbly priced and can be had only £14.99 or $24.99 when released in the US next month.


Kew said...

I gave up playing half way the first game.... just couldn't get the Fever going... dont think will get this sequel...

Jon Choo said...

Had the same problem with getting Fever, but once I calmed down it was actually easy.