Monday, March 2, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: Someone to Watch Over Me

The nineteenth episode of the final series of Battlestar Galactica examined two different story arcs.

The first involved the Kara Thrace, who seems to be slowly breaking down. Helped by a mysterious piano player at Galactica's local bar, we see traces of Kara's past regarding her father. Kara and the piano player uses a drawing of stars, given to Kara by Hera, to create musical notes that happened to coincide with the All Along the Watchtower sequence heard by four of the Final Five. The storyline ends when Kara realises that the piano player never existed and Saul and Tory confronting her about the sequence.

Meanwhile at the brig, Boomer tricked Galen into helping her escape. The Chief's run of bad choices continues as he kills another Eight which he uses to swap with Boomer at the brig. Any hope of redemption by fans of Boomer is dash as she kicks Athena's ass, fraks Helo, kidnaps Hera and finally caused some nasty damages to Galactica as she FTLs away to Cavil.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this episode. I am glad that the producers are finally tackling Starbuck's arc. Hopefully we will see a resolution within the next episode, due this Friday. I was however disappointed by Boomer's action. Still I am looking forward to Athena getting her revenge.

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