Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak part one

Oh no. Come this Saturday, Battlestar Galactica will be no more. Sure, we still have The Plan to look forward to, and possibly the Caprica spin-off, but there will be no more new story of BSG75. I am actually pretty sad about this...

The first part of "Daybreak" revisits the pre-war lives of some of BSG's principal cast. Kinda a bit like Lost, but a bit less convulted. We get to witness the characters life coming full circle from their pre-Cylon happy lives to their impending doom (sort of given that the majority will indeed die). Already the episode has confirmed to me that Boomer will redeemn herself by saving Hera, possibly getting herself killed in the process. Baltar on the other hand has proven himself that he remained unchanged since the mini-series (he did not volunteer for the rescue mission), but I remained in hope that he eventually will.

Sigh, I've just realised how shit TV truly is. What after this? Apart from Dexter and Weeds, I have no idea. Heroes is on its deathbed, The Sarah Connor Chronicles goes from bad to worse and Dollhouse still hasn't got that Joss Weadon magic in it yet. And the fact that BSG's home, Sci Fi, has decided to rebrand itself as SyFy (and then insulting their audience) gives me no hope that any new good stuff can come from that channel.

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