Saturday, November 12, 2005

Peep Show

Last night's third season of comedy sitcom, Peep Show (Channel 4) was awesome. Am glad that David Mitchell and Robin Webb has finally returned to the telly as the dysfunctional flatmates, Mark and Jeremy from Croydon.

In yesterday's episode, Mark struggles with an erection problem after being mugged by two Chavs in an underpass while Jez has to make do with a threesome.


Happy Birthday to my brother, Jeremy, who turns 24 tomorrow.


Paul said...

Magnificent episode - I just watched it on video.

Any idea where they film it? When Mark was at Chicken Corner trying to get his Blackberry back, there was a Metroline bus going past outside, which puts it somewhere north-westy-Londonish. I don't recognise it.

Jon said...

I didn't notice the Metroline but the place does look very North-West Londonish. I will wait for tomorrow's episode. Hopefully more buses pass by with identifiable route numbers.