Friday, November 18, 2005

On Christian fundamentalists who cracks me up

Was surfing through a couple of Brit blogs and visited Paul's blog, who left a comment here. The blog entry by Paul on a Christian fundamentalist organisation, The ChildCare Action Project, really cracked me up.

This Christian fundamentalist organisation 'reviews' films and subjects them through a torturous proprietary CAP model, where a films' unsuitability is highlighted based on the model provided by the New Testament. Basically a higher score means it's good.

Not surprisingly, Kevin Smith's Dogma (a favourite film of mine actually) got an eyeful from the reviewer (a pitiful score of 6 out of a theoretical 100) due to a number of blasphemous contents.

Hell even The Passion of the Christ received a rather curious '69'. Eh? Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ring all received condemnation due to portrayal of evil wizardry used for good.

And get this, Toy Story 2 got docked a point because there were "many Barbie(tm) dolls dancing in swimwear while characters ogle at them with sensuous expressions".

I am going to bookmark it. It's so fucking mental, it's bloody hilarious.


Cypher said...

Lol, that just reminded me some this friend of mine who's like warning everyone against watching the Harry Potter movies! :P

Btw, I have a new blog now at Old one just got spammed by spam too much. Damn Bogspot!

Jon said...

Wait lah. So difficult to change template.

Your friend? Got blog?

desiderata said...

hi jon:

just saying hello by HOWSY's command when i asked about londoner bloggers meet. hope everythin' is swimming there.:)

christian fundamentalists?
I prefer Ignoramuses or killjoys.:(

cyrix said...

Nah, sorry mate, I don't have his blog. He's a Protestant Christian, so it figures. Anyways, from today, I will be commenting under my new nickname of 'cyrix'. In case you get confused :)