Wednesday, November 30, 2005

OneLondon pins and stickers

Last week I received a package from the Mayor of London's office. Fearful of a biological attack by someone pretending to be the Mayor of London I carefully opened it. Thankfully the content proved to be more innocent than I initially thought - they were the OneLondon stickers and pins I ordered a couple of months ago.

My excitement soon took over me as I (Danny Wallace style) started pinning OneLondon pins onto every single bag I had. Even my rucksacks. Which I still use on the Underground. All these are a little waste as nobody would be exposed to these. I needed to start plastering those OneLondon stickers all over London.

Unfortunately the stickers given were car stickers (ie. the sticky part is the one being printed on). I couldn't start decorating the high street with this lot. However car stickers has its advantages despite me having not own a car. My car is the tube.

So Friday I boarded the tube to Victoria and started sticking a couple on the windows of a Piccadilly Line train. Apparently plastering stickers all over a tube train is deemed normal because, apart from a few glances from confused tourists, nobody gave a shit. I also gave a couple of pins to tourists who seemed to think they are souvenir pins.

Slightly happier I got onto my National Express coach for Brighton. Before I alighted the coach in Preston Circus I left a sticker behind. Once at Jenni's flat I decided to pin a couple more around her flat.

Now I carry a couple of stickers with me all the time.


c0y0t3 said...

Have u try sticking it on your landlord's car? that's better idea than my flat, u know!

Anne said...

He he he! I've had the same experience of receiving a large, rattling package from the OneLondon folks over the summer. Most of the pins and stickers I gave away (although I did put some up on the District and Jubilee lines, but they're always almost never to be seen again by me!).

Jon said...

Anne, nice one! ;)

Anonymous said...
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