Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not in my name

Here we go again, the US and UK, together with France, are once again hell bent on destabilising an entire region by planning a premeditated invasion against the government of Syria. Only this time, in support of Jihadist opposition led by al Qaeda. You know, the people who kinda hate us. So it kinda makes you wonder what the fuck is our PM drinking when he comes out to support al Qaeda.

In the meantime, we are slowly groomed by our media, particularly the BBC, Guardian, Independent and Times (thanks to this little Orwellian system known as the DA-Notice), into believing that entering the war is necessary based on a lie. Fortunately many of us still remember when our governments lied to us about Iraq's none-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction program. Again, no solid evidence, just warmongering by governments finding an excuse to justify lining up the pockets of the military industry. Remember David Kelly?

I would think that if anyone used chemical weapons, it would be the al Qaeda rebels, who has access to our government's chemical weapons stoke piles. And since when do we take the moral high ground? US attacks on thousands of innocent civilians using drones are absolutely okay, last I read.

You can't fault al Qaeda for the shrewd way in which they managed to lead every western powers and their media buddies to their cause, especially after how successful they were with the Libya campaign (by bombing civilians with the help of NATO). Convince the US and UK to take down Assad and once he is gone, they can then take over the country and whatever weapons left behind. Hook, line and sinker.

It amazes me that our government is willing to close schools, hospitals and fire stations but they suddenly have billions to go on another jolly war to appease some arm manufacturer buddies of theirs. Still it is hopeless. This unelected government is hell bent on going on another war whether we approve or not. If this sparks World War III, then well, we told you so. Except we would all probably be dead by then.

This is frightening stuff. But I see Barack Obama and David Cameron, like their past predecessors, George Bush and that psychopath Tony Blair, haven't got a clue. Will our governments ever learn? Evidently not.


Anonymous said...

Obama should return his Nobel Peace Prize. He is no different to George W Bush.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that the US and UK government provided chemical weapons to al Qaeda to be used against Assad. They want the oil and killing innocent people as a pretext to an invasion is something Obama and Cameron would so.

What surprises me is the fact that the BBC, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent etc. are backing al Qaeda as well. Have you forgotten 9/11 and 7/7?

Anonymous said...

Obama and Hollande are war criminals for arming al qaeda and providing them with chemical weapons.

Anonymous said...

Have a look here on why the BBC is blood thirstily backing Al-Qaeda.

In short, their boss has vested interest in oil companies. Oil companies who wants this war to happen in order to drum up the price of oil.