Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby wants a new 4G network

I am no big fan of o2, but o2 launching 4G LTE this month would be the best thing they have done in a while. Ever since EE announced their LTE network last year and then their disappointing tariffs, we have waited for at least one of the other big UK networks to enter the ring. Not that we needed 4G as Three's DC-HSPA network seems to be doing fine with download bandwidths, but gosh wait until you how capable LTE is with upload (something 3G has always struggled with).

o2's basic 4G LTE tariff starts at £26 a month, which is a fair bit higher than what I normally pay (roughly £10 a month on pay as you go - I've stopped doing contracts and so should you), but hei, if LTE can replace dumb land line pipes then awesome. Sadly I am willing to bet good money that its basic tariff will introduce plenty of limitations. Still I will be glad to be proven wrong, such is our desire to be unshackled by the monopoly that is BT.

In any case if o2 launching 4G LTE means GiffGaff getting it as well, then that would be just swell.

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Alex said...

Three have recently changed their tariffs. As a result I've changed from my rolling 1 month contract at £13 to a 12 month contract at £15 a month.

Minutes and texts have increased by a factor of 10 but the real issue was tethering had been blocked on the rolling one month AYCE data, which was a pain. Still, I'm getting between 9Mbps and 14Mbps with between 1.5 and 1.9Mbps upstream, which isn't going to get me moving carriers any time soon :)