Thursday, May 16, 2013

Itsdagram, an Instagram client for Windows Phone 8

Instagram (update: since renamed to Instance) has finally come to Windows Phone! Well sort of. Itsdagram is the first fully featured Instagram client on the Windows Phone Marketplace to allow direct uploading. In fact, it is the first fully featured third party Instagram client on any mobile platform that will allow you to register, upload, like, follow and comment.

This is particularly impressive, when you consider that Instagram has yet to open up their upload API to the public.
For a first version release, Itsdagram is impressively featured. Apart from Instagram's stock filters, it can do everything that an official Instagram client on iOS and Android can do, and more, including features exclusive to Windows Phone. For example, you can pin hashtags and users to the homescreen for easy access, something the official Android app can't do (iOS don't even support widgets).

Unlike the official clients, it also supports grid view as well as a more traditional timeline view. You can view popular pictures, as well as any activities such as likes and comments in relation to your pictures. Sadly, you can't yet view your friends activities.
Photo uploads can be sent to Twitter and Facebook, though unlike the official client, it does not yet support posting to Foursquare, or location tagging - a feature that some will definitely miss. Still, I expect the developer to include these features in future updates.

The filters do suck, especially compared to Instagram's default filters (which I do not use anyway), but the developer has developed a way to upload new filters automatically. This is a neat feature as it means you do not have to update the app each time a new filter is created by the developer. Personally, I do all my mobile photo editing on Fotor, a simple but still powerful freeware image editing app. Still, Instagram's rather awesome auto fake-HDR mode will be greatly missed.
Having been accustomed to using the official Instagram client for Android for a year, I am finding Itsdagram to offer an overall better Instagram experience than the official Instagram apps themselves. It is amazing what a part time developer can do for a (admittedly small but no less important) community what a company worth billions could not (or are too lazy to do). Now I do not need to carry a separate Android phone just to upload pictures onto Instagram.

The threat of a cease and desist from Instagram will always loom over this app, but until Instagram get off their lazy arses and do something (or hire this guy), this is the best Instagram client on any platform. Itsdagram is available now for Windows Phone 8, with a planned version for those rocking Windows Phone 7. It costs US$1.49, with a free ad-supported version due next week.

* Tested on HTC 8X


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