Friday, March 22, 2013

Rewired Reality

Rewired Reality is a new crowdsourcing platform designed to seek and help brands from the industry on coders need. There isn't a lot of information regarding Rewired Reality at the moment and how it works, but they have launched a website that explains a great deal more.

The concept behind the initiative is to highlight the growing need for developers in the country. According to the brains behind the initiative (who are also behind another initiative aimed at creating a network for young developers), there are plenty of unfulfilled software technology jobs in Britain, as coding isn't taught as a skill in this country any longer. This has created a long term problem in this country. Many small business enterprise has no means or resources to employ their own developer as the country has basically ran out of developers, many who has seek pasture abroad.

The idea here is to allow these businesses to seek the brains needed to innovate by creating bounties, which are then passed on to prospective software developers worldwide keen on designing prototypes for them. This is not too dissimilar to crowdsourcing marketplace, Amazon Mechanical Turk, but one more grounded with the needs for coders and small businesses in the UK.

Press release:
Rewired Reality, a new platform which seeks to help brands of all sizes and industry type, understand the urgent need to embrace coders if they are to stay ahead of the digital rat race has just been launched. 
There are currently 110,000 unfulfilled IT jobs in the UK, which is expected to grow to 113,000 by 2015. Founder of Rewired Reality, Emma Mulqueeny, feels the lack of developers is cause for concern, particularly for SME's, as these businesses don't have the resources (or the funds) to employ in-house digital innovators. 
No developers = no innovation.

Martha Lane Fox, co-founder, said: "Some of the best digital jobs in the UK are going unfulfilled or moving out of the country because we are unable to offer home-grown skilled professionals to fill the vacancies. Rewired Reality plays a hugely important role in redressing this balance." 
This is where Rewired Reality comes in - by getting young developers and their never-before-seen prototypes in front of brands. 
Win for brands - they have access to creative minds that can help turn ideas into reality
Win for digital innovators - they are able to develop the crucial commercial awareness they need to forge meaningful careers in the digital space

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