Friday, October 28, 2011

Nokia Kinetic concept phone with flexible display

It's been a busy two days at Nokia World 2011. The next few days will be equally as busy as I will attempt to gather what I have seen in these two days into a nice meaty blog post. Asuming I survive Halloween and my birthday first that is.

But before that here is quick video hands-on on what really blew me away: the Nokia Kinetic concept device with flexible screen. Yes it is working concept phone, courtesy of the mad geniuses at Nokia Research Center. While this technology would not be available for mass production in many years, it is just a small sneak peak into what Nokia has in store for us in the future.

Seriously, I can't wait for this flexible bendable future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon, have you tried the new sony walkman a865 yet?

any hints on when the android ice cream sandwich will be released?

Do you think the new samsung galaxy s2 HD will have a higher resolution screen than the iphone 4?

Jon Choo said...

No on the Sony. :(

ICS will come out for Nexus Galaxy in November, and will start making its way to older devices from Q1.

Motorola has confirmed that the new RAZR for example will be getting it in Q1, hopefully within six weeks

after Google releases the source.

The Galaxy S2 HD has a 720x1280 display, so the screen is higher res than the iPhone 4. But so far it is only confirmed as a Korean exclusive. While the screen is higher res, it does use a Pentile screen, so the screen wouldn't be as sharp as on the iPhone 4. Still it will be a nice screen I am sure of that.