Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II official case review

This is the official Samsung Galaxy S II hard case. It is a very slim case with a mesh style that gives it a nice trendy and textured look. It actually makes the Galaxy S II grippier and easier to handle. The case is so slim and light it almost feels like holding the phone sans any case. The mesh/holes not only look good, but will also help ventilate the phone. The Galaxy S II (aka Galaxy S2) does get warm at times - after all there is a 1.2 GHz dual core processor ticking inside.

The front is protected a bit as it is also raised by about 1mm, so you wouldn't have to worry about putting your phone face down. Still, applying a screen protector is always advisable as Gorilla Glass is overrated. The case also gives more clearance on the camera module as it sits flush about 1mm behind, giving it extra protection especially when the phone is rested on a flat but dirty surface. All ports and buttons are still easily accessible. Unfortunately the case does not offer protection on the top and bottom of the phone, at all. Don't expect it to survive a drop of 1 metre on concrete surfaces.
I love this case. For around £7, the official S II case is great for everyday use and to show off the phone while retaining the slim device and giving it at least some protection. But beware that this case isn't a rugged one designed to give maximum protection. If you are a clumsy person who always drops stuff or an active person, I wouldn't recommend this. Instead get a Case-Mate Touch Case or one of those cheap knock-off gel cases you find in the local market stall.
The version I have is the Korean version sold by Anycall (Samsung's brand for accessories). The UK version is available here.


Unknown said...

It's good. And I want to find some bling SGS2 cases as a gift for my wife. Do you know anything about They are selling bling cases for SGS2.

Anonymous said...

hello nice case.
just want to ask is the case you have from korea a tight fit on the phone as i believe the korean sgs2 is slightly bigger in dimensions than the uk one?

Jon Choo said...

Yep, I imported mine from Korea. Fits perfectly. The white version is now available in the UK.

No idea about