Thursday, July 7, 2011

News of the World is dead

News of the World is no more. This Sunday's issue will be its last.

Rather than sacking Rebekah Wade/Brooks, News International and Rupert Murdoch has instead decided to sack thousands of staff. News of the World will morph into a Sunday version of the Sun (an equally nasty paper with equally gutter journalism integrity). This is merely a cost cutting exercise, which decision was made last week before the whole phone hacking scandal broke. A PR exercise to deflect from the phone hacking scandal and to increase Murdoch's chance of owning BSkyB? You bet it is.

In any case the battle isn't over yet. The next step will be to shut down News International, stop BSkyB takeover, get their senior staffs (Rebekah Brooks - being the editor at the time when the phone hacking occurred, James Murdoch - being her boss) prosecuted, as well as overhauling the Press Complaints Commission (who has been incompetent during the whole saga) and flush out the corrupt Metropolitan Police and politicians who has taken bribes from News International detectives, journalists and executives.

Oh and Tesco, you just fucked up big time. I will never shop at any of your stores again.

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