Monday, February 7, 2011

Among good friends

So the Sky Lanterns event didn't happen. It was rather unlucky of us, but this is Britain and the weather gods decided to give this island a good hammering. Teach me a lesson for trying to organise an event on the third day of Chinese New Year, a day when superstitious asian people believes that no one should socialise. Not that I believe in all that crap.

Still we ended at The Queen pub on Primrose Hill Road, but not before bumping into Laurence at the Apple Store in Covent Garden - Google Latitude and Foursquare proves once again what useful social applications they are. Just in case you were wondering what I was doing at the Apple Store - my phone battery died due to a poorly programmed power hungry app (Whatsapp), and I needed to email, check the forecast, charge my Nokia phone using electricity stolen from Steve Jobs etc.

Anyway, Jenni and I decided to scout out The Queen decided it was good place to hold an impromptu meetup for people who didn't get the message that the event was cancelled. It is a pretty decent pub, clean (albeit a bit posh) and was right next to Primrose Hill. They also happen to serve good food.

As I suspected that my message may not have reached everyone, I started walking up and down the hill since 6.30pm to intercept anybody who were carrying large flat squarish things. First to arrive were our fellow St Albanian's Gaz and Carl, who decided to attempt to launch the lanterns but failed. Next was my good friend and social animal Julian with a couple of his couch sharing friends. They knew it was cancelled but decided to show up anyway to hang out.

Then my good friend Nicola, who I haven't seen in seven months and wouldn't see again for another year, called (thank goodness I charged my phone). After walking up and down the hill, I spotted her and her best friend Emma walking down by the road, alongside another participator. It was good seeing her again, and I will be honest it would be a great disappointment if we didn't meetup before she jets off again.

We enjoyed the breathtaking London skyline from the summit of Primrose Hill before heading off to the pub where Heather and the super awesomeness that is Motoko Liu (who travelled all the way from Basingstoke to be there - despite knowing it was cancelled) has just arrived.

It was a good evening. There were Angry Birds toys, chatters about how awesome Battlestar Galactica is (in fact, it was here we hatched an idea of BSG season one marathon session - watch this space) and other stuff. I was among good friends, and for that I am happy enough.

In any case, thanks to Jenni's heroics she has managed to quickly reschedule the event to Tuesday 8 February with Rob at the Civil Aviation Authority. That's tomorrow! We got out lanterns at Cotswold Outdoor shops - three lanterns for £9 and they are eco friendly ones. So that's at 7.30pm - meet us on the summit.

Phew, it's tough writing personal posts, but I enjoyed it.

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