Friday, January 21, 2011

Case-mate Barely There for Nokia N8 review

The frustrating thing of owning a Nokia smartphone, any Nokia phone in fact, is there aren't many choices out there for third party cases for them. Even Nokia is ignoring the market by only making available a handful of unattractive cases.

When I bought the Nokia N8, it took me a couple of days and countless shop visits before I settled for Case-mate's Barely There case. I got it from the Carphone Warehouse but you can also buy it online from Amazon UK.

The impact resistant plastic case barely adds any bulk to my phone, and is suitably flexible to aid removing and installing, as well as durable enough to withstand the shocks of everyday life. I've been using it for almost three months and so far I've not witnessed any signs of wear. It actually improves on the N8's usability as I found the N8 to be too slippery by itself.

The back and side are well protected. There are cut outs for the volume keys, camera module, speaker, camera shutter button, microUSB port, microSD and sim card slots so you won't have to ever remove the case once installed. The bottom, top and front are exposed. A glossy screen protector is included within the sales package.

All in all, Case-mate's Barely There case is a stylish, inexpensive accessory that is well recommended to any Nokia N8 owner seeking to protect their expensive investment.

+ Slim profile
+ Stylish
- Does not offer all around protection

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