Sunday, August 8, 2010

Conspiracy For Good - London finale report

Yesterday we infiltrated Blackwell Briggs's career expo in Bloomsbury Square Gardens. We had to pose as possible recruits, armed with fake names and roles. I became Henry Gittins, a corporate lawyer for Brockman & Brockman. I talk about everyone but myself, and I like to introduce people to each other.

My fellow team mates for the day were Rafe of AAS, Abul, Julien, Jennifer and Natalie, our embedded reporter who was twitting from the @conspiracy4good account. Before we registered with Blackwell Briggs, we spent the time searching for drops around the Square gathering clues of what would be in store for us.

We joined the corporate track and had to undergo a series of assessment which includes word forming using cards, response control and engineering aptitude - where we had to build the tallest structure using straws and post it notes. We aced it obviously.

There was an interview I was supposed to attend but Blackwell Briggs goons suddenly came to us and ushered us to the 'dungeon'. One of the guards mentioned that he may have recognised me and started patting my back suspiciously. Downstairs we met a haggard looking Brian who was chained to the wall.

Jane Sakamoto (Jennifer) aced the interview and was 'hired' and had the chance to meet Sir Ian Briggs, but alas time was not on our side... But we did find Nigel, the mole inside Blackwell Briggs, and provided him with discs containing video evidence of David's murder.

All was revealed at the press conference where the video evidence and documents stolen from offices were used against Sir Ian. Then it was party time with the Mystery Jets, Ann Marie Calhoun, Nadirah X and David A. Stewart of Eurythmic.

Thanks to Nokia, Tim Kring the creator of CFG and Heroes, Christopher Sandberg, Petter Karlsson and the rest of TheCompanyP, the CFG and Nokia technical crew and artists (Ann Marie, Nadirah, Jim Martin aka Brian Crexley etc.) and the participants. Last but not least my fellow team members Julien, Abul, Rafe, Natalie and Jenni, all who made the event so much fun.

Also met many great... participants from past and present games and at the after event as well. Even managed to get one guy to join twitter. :D Got mistaken a couple of times again for some other guy, but I am not complaining... :)

Special hi to the three 1000heads ladies - it was so great to see them!

And thanks to Nokia for the free Nokia X6 (unboxing video)! We now have three X6 in this tiny flat. Woo for burgeoning N8 funds! :D

It was a wonderful experience. The fact that Conspiracy For Good is merely a pilot project meant that Nokia would be taking this game globally. ARG is about to hit mainstream - and about time too because it is fun. Mark Ollila of Nokia asked me to describe my experience in just one word. My response - unforgettable.

This is not over yet. It is only the beginning.

More pictures at my Facebook page.


Pancakes said...

They're going to take it global? :O


c0y0t3 said...

I genuinely thought that we were heading to a 'gas chamber' when they ushered all of us out to the 'dungeon' *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I wish I live in London for this.

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