Sunday, August 1, 2010

Conspiracy For Good - Action 3 report

Yesterday we played in the third action of Conspiracy For Good, an alternate reality game (ARG), created by Tim Kring. I've read about ARG since the early 00s, but this is the first I've ever participated in one - and I am hooked!

Before you continue, if you do not know about the story so far, please watch the recap videos here.

The day started with a Skype session between the boss of evil multinational corporation Blackwell Briggs, Sir Ian Briggs and the conspiracy for good movement Spira. Ian revealed that Blackwell Briggs has kidnapped Ann Marie (Pegbox) and demanded we return the documents that exposed their evil dealings.

After much deliberation, where some voiced that Pegbox should be sacrificed for the common good, it was decided that the contracts should be exchanged for Ann Marie but a piece of contract paper was kept hidden as collateral. The intense exchange was done at a car park. Our friend Julien was tasked with handing the briefcase that contains the contract.

Back at the safe house, it was revealed that Blackwell Briggs CCTV camera system is susceptible to hacking and may contain clues to David's whereabouts. The conspirators were split into groups where we were sent to infiltrate their wireless system using Nokia X6 smartphones and hacked QR codes.

Our team were sent to six Blackwell Briggs CCTV locations. Most of the CCTV system did not contain any footages, but we did manage to acquire a footage of David being chased by Blackwell Briggs security thugs around St Mary's Axe.

It was here outside the Gherkin that a black landrover pulled up beside us, revealing a couple of grinning Blackwell Briggs security goons. A quick thinking Jennifer shouted 'run run run' and we legged it as fast as possible, without thinking. Another co-conspirator from another team as well as two civilians with kids were caught up in the action and ran with us!

Once we obtained all the video clues that we could get our hands on, we headed back to the hideout where it was revealed that a deleted encrypted archive may contain video footages that we suspected would lead to clues on David's whereabouts.

It wasn't. In fact it was a video footage that implicating Sir Ian Briggs for the murder of David.

We ended the day with a party in the HQ in memory of David.

Some of my favourite moments from the day (outside the game):

Hanging out and chatting with Tim Kring, creator of Heroes and Conspiracy For Good. Okay, it was only for a few minutes, but still.

Running away from Blackwell Briggs security goons in the City of London, causing panic among civilians (none-participants). Even the cameraman ran with us, rather than filming it!

Being mistaken a couple of times for Hiro from Heroes at the after party. Even got my picture taken with a gal who insisted I was Hiro!

Having the best team mates of the day:

Go team! @jfourgeaud @rafeblandford @adonisdemon @jonchoo @hardij


Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun! Shame I am in canada!!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of ovi good things :)

Jon Choo said...

Oh yes, that was exactly what I was thinking on Saturday! We were given co-ordinates to the CCTV locations, just like Ovi Good Things.

Ah, good times. :D

Did you attend Ovi Good Things? Who are you? Give us a name!

Adonis said...

Was awesome teaming up mate. Great fun. Looking forward to next week!

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