Thursday, April 15, 2010

T-Mobile CallerSend

So I received a text by T-Mobile announcing that I've been selected for their CallerSend trial. CallerSend, according to T-Mobile, is an application that you can use to send out your contact information as a text message to a friend you've just called.

Stupid isn't it?

CallerSend actually costs 10p for each message you send and these texts won't come out of any allowance or bundle you may have. So even if you have unlimited text bundle (like I do), you will get charged 10p to send a message to someone who more than likely would have your contact details anyway. You may as well send it manually and save that 10p. On a plus side the 10p cost also applies to international numbers, so it may work in your favour (most text bundles do not include international texts).

Fortunately there's any easy way to disable this 'feature'. If the simcard and phone supports T-Mobile's Interactive application, just go through it to disable the service. On my E55 it can be found under Control Panel, though it may be in different locations on other phones.

I wish T-Mobile would work to improve their HSDPA service rather than waste time with such nonsense.

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