Thursday, April 8, 2010

HTC Legend, Broken Social Scene & Gumtree

Attended a Gumtree meetup this evening at their Richmond UK headquarters. Had a good time, met some interesting people and had more than enough share of cocktails. Basically the event detailed their plans for the new Gumtree's website including future features being planned (here's a beta version of it).

Returned home to find that HTC has finally delivered the review unit of their HTC Legend. I'm not a fan of Android UI, so we will see if HTC's custom UI can do wonders (they did a good job masking Windows Mobile UI deficiency). Still at least it can do multitasking and wallpapers properly, I heard. The hardware is very very nice though (not so the capacitive screen). In any case my review will be published at FoneArena, so wait for it.

Finally, something a bit more important than a smartphone or classified website: my tickets for Broken Social Scene has arrived! The only problem - having to wait until June! Still only less than a month before their new album Forgiveness Rock Record is released!!

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Im also not a fan of the HTC UI, but in this world that technology moves quicker, we need to adapt to the changes.