Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nokia E55 gets v33?

According to AAS, a new firmware is available for the Nokia E55, taking it from v31 to v33. It is apparently "available widely for all unbranded handsets" - those are the words of AAS BTW. Which is obviously a stupid statement to make (have they checked?). There has been no firmware updates for my unlocked and unbranded UK E55, and I've checked using OTA (*#0000#) and also via Nokia Software Updater. In fact the more than a month old v31 isn't even available for my E55!

AAS needs to stop spouting nonsense and speculations as facts. Just because their review units are capable of receiving updates does not mean ours can. What does this lack of firmware updates for UK phones mean? Well it means Nokia UK are really made up by a bunch of truly incompetent people who hates the customers who feeds them.

But what this really and truly means is that my next Symbian smartphone may just be a Sony Ericsson.

23/03/2010 update:

Gosh, that was quick. NSU just picked up the v33 update, thus bypassing v31 altogether. I am downloading it as we speak (it is a massive 152.2MB in size). Ovi Maps 3.3 in ROM is going to be lovely.

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