Monday, December 7, 2009

Tell the chancellor to tax bankers' bonuses

The bankers are at it again. The chancellor is considering introducing a windfall tax on bankers' bonuses. Naturally the bankers aren't liking it, and after stealing billions of pounds from UK tax payers and getting away with it, they are attempting to stop the chancellor by claiming 'human right' abuses. More than 5000 of them are expected to receive £1 million in bonuses - tax free, in a year where millions has seen job loses and the treasury plundered to subsidised the very same bankers who destroyed the economy. Please let Mr. Darling know that you approve of the windfall tax on bankers' bonuses in his pre-budget report this week. If he has any balls he would do just that.

Tell the Chancellor to tax bankers' bonuses - email him now.

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jenny said...

This will actually cost the country. No bonuses means no tax & NIC's going to the government. Who's going to make up the difference? Every middle-earning taxpayer...