Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Finally. We have sorted the legal bit and we are finally getting our key and moving. It has been a nigthmare dealing with an incompetent conveyancer, but at least (almost) everything's sorted now. The delay has been unbearable - we were supposed to have exchanged and completed by the end of last month! Now we only need to change our filed addresses, sort out the TV license, utility bills, pack the final 20% of junk, hire a removal van, move, unpack, clean, sort out the blinds, get the furniture assembled, get our new phone line and internet connection and whatever other stuff we need to do. Finger's crossed that we would have at least a liveable place to chill out by Christmas Eve. E-mail me for our new address. You can even get us something for our new flat. ;)

Normal blogging will resume once we've settled in. In the meantime follow me for updates.

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