Friday, January 30, 2009


Spotify is music streaming platform that I've been using (and loving) recently. It uses a combination of server based streaming and P2P, where files are cached into the user's harddrive and then made available to other user's computer, to deliver music to the end user. Streaming starts the moment you click on a particular track and there has never been stuttering or disconnection on my part. You will also hear an advert every couple or so tracks in the free version.

The Windows client is very fast and functional. Best of all the latest build has integration built-in, so any of tracks you listen to is automatically scrobbed. There are a couple of caveats though. First, there is still no client for Series 60, yet (for now the best radio application on S60 IMO is Mobbler, a third party client). Second, the Windows client has a pseudo Mac OS X look which I personally find to be ugly and also not too creative...

Anyway Spotify is an excellent piece of online streaming kit which I recommend to anyone who loves music. If you require an invite just leave your e-mail here or e-mail me (my address is on the right column). I've got about 8 invites remaining.

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