Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daily Mail's war on eco lightbulbs

Not content with hating Muslims, immigrants, Portuguese, gays, darkies, communists and everyone else, the Daily Mail has set its bigotry sight on energy saving lightbulbs, claiming that it can cause skin cancer or whatever. They are also moaning the pending death and unavailability of these 'traditional' and 'beloved' incandescent thingies. Remember this is from the same paper who enjoys complaining about rising cost of living and electricity costs. Go figure.

Anyway the good people at the Daily Mail is offering five "free" 100W (who uses 100W bulbs anyway?) tungsten lightbulbs. Whoopeedoo! Now you just need to buy 12 of their "newspapers" at 50p each and send them a cheque for £1.63.

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