Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zune madness

Read this reply on a Zune-related forum. Why oh why did the forumite, after reading about the issue no-less, decide to check it out on his/her personal Zune? Silly silly thing to do.
I've got both a Zune80 and a Zune30. After reading about all of that, I went and checked the Zune30. Battery was dead. After putting it on the charger, it booted up, and is promptly stuck on the Zune logo screen with the loading bar all the way full.

I'm not really sure what to do now, this was a launch unit (purchased within the first month of release), and is outside microsoft warranty and the 2yr extended warranty from circuit city.
Update: For all you unlucky Zune 30 owners, you'll be glad to know that apparently your self-bricking Zune 30 is also capable of resurrecting tomorrow once the clock resets itself. o_O

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