Monday, December 15, 2008

Lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. You can however find me lurking the dark corners of my new hobby, Head-Fi and occasionally on NeoGAF. Oh, and Twitter.

I wrote a review on The Killer's Day & Age, but it is full of crap I decided not to post it. The album is great though and I thoroughly recommend it. Not so great though is Guns N' Roses's latest album of mediocrity - Chinese Democracy and Bloc Party's awesomely disappointing Intimacy.

As for video gaming, I am just enjoying Loco Roco 2 at the moment. It is a deserved sequel to the original Loco Roco, and ought to keep my PSP busy until Patapon 2 arrives next year. I also like the Mirror's Edge demo. All future first person shooter titles will have to be judged against DICE's revolutionary gameplay introduced in this game. The only thing I dislike about the game is its unrealistic video gamey clean look.

Will also be busy this weekend. Mates coming from all over, including one whom I have not met for almost ten years!

By the way, what is the etiquette in regards of treating blood relatives whom you have never ever met? As fellow family members or strangers?

Oh, it is also Jennifer's birthday. Go give her a hugz or buy her something nice.

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Jon said...

Obligatory end of the year lists will be coming, don't you worry about that.