Sunday, October 19, 2008

MOTHER 3 fan translation out now

MOTHER 3 is easily the most anticipated RPG game not to have been localised by Nintendo, whose primary motivation of making money is through targeting the soccer mums and pensioners demographic. Released in Japan on the venerable GBA platform some 2 1/2 years ago, fans of the MOTHER series has waited patiently as fans worked hard to translate the game. Well the moment has arrived, and the unofficial translation has finally been released.

To get it you will need a ROM copy of MOTHER 3 and a flash cart. Download the patcher and patch the original ROM file, before uploading the patched ROM onto a flash cart. Insert flash cart into your Game Boy Advance, SP, micro, DS or DS Lite and enjoy the game. You can also probably play it on a PC based GBA emulator. I've played the Japanese version with a FAQ (didn't last long) and from the short amount I can say the game is something special.

Thanks to HAL, Brownie Brown, Nintendo SPD and the translators for working hard to bring us the game. But no thanks to S. Iwata, Reggie and whoever runs NOE, for attempting to deprive us of a great video game title.

Thanks to Zorocaster for the heads-up

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