Friday, October 17, 2008

Heroes season 3 (episode 1-5) recap

Admittedly I was a little frustrated with season two of Heroes, but season three (up to episode five) has so far proven to be pretty enjoyable.

Spoilerific opinionated recap follows:
  • Sylar is easily now my favourite character of Heroes. He is beginning to control his hunger, while redeeming himself on the way. In Angels & Monsters, he saved Claire and did not kill Noah despite Noah's attempt to off him. He looks classy in a suit.
  • Peter is still the most annoying, unbalanced and immature character. He has perfected the skills he absorbed from other heroes and now has Sylar's intuitive ability but does not know how to use them to everyone's benefit. Quite easily the most dangerous person in Heroes he keeps attempting to change the future. Peter also seems to have also forgotten this Irish bird whom he left in an alternate future, which I guess is all for the better.
  • Hiro and Ando's relationship takes turn for the worst as they cock up more missions (including losing the formula that can turn anybody into heroes) than ever, and even lose Adam Monroe after digging him up. Hiro eventually agrees to join a rival 'badass' company, but has to 'sacrifice' his best friend first.
  • Mohindar has gained a power through a serum he created from Maya's blood. While his body and sense has grown stronger, he has also developed insect like abilities. A modern day reference to Seth Brundle (from The Fly) if you didn't already suspect.
  • Claire and Noah's relationship is explored once again as Claire quickly repeats the same mistakes she did in season one and two. How Claire of her. Future Claire works for the rival company controlled by Arthur Petrelli and is frankly, an icy bitch.
  • Nathan, surviving the assassination attempt by Future Peter, seems to have found god, in the form of Linderman. Except Linderman is dead and Nathan is actually being indirectly influenced by old man Parkman who is under the employment of old man Petrelli. Confused yet?
  • Niki Sanders died at the end of season two, but they bring her back in the form of her twin sister Tracy Strauss. Ali Larter, proving how limited her acting ability is plays Tracy pretty much like Niki. Tracy, like Niki, is very insecure about her ability (freezing) and eventually sleeps with this one former New York senator.
  • Usutu, a new character, has the same ability to paint the future like the dead Isaac Mendez. It is also implied that Matt has gained the same precognition ability. A little bit more originallity by the writers would have been better. You did get your pay rise didn't you?

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