Monday, September 1, 2008

Bangai-O Spirits box-art defiled by USK

If you have been following my Twitter blog, you would know that I've been raving about Bangai-O Spirits. The game is awesome I give you that, but the one thing that irked me about the title is the box-art, or to be more precise, the manner in how the German software regulator Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK) ruined it.

Oh yes, if the yellow colour isn't loud enough USK is very keen to point out that the title is only suitable for those aged six and above. Never mind that the classification symbol sucked in the first place (notice how PEGI ratings uses a larger font while retaining a much smaller footprint), but what is a German software rating classification, which isn't a sticker, doing on my copy of Bangai-O Spirits in the first place? Reminds me of the Dawn of Sorrow's boxart. And it isn't like the DS box has much real estate with that hideous white large Nintendo DS logo...

I probably sound like a whiny bitch, so I will shut up now and continue playing Bangai-O Spirits. Ruined box-art or not (or just get the US version) would not stop me from having a blast (Treasure you rock!).

Apologies for the crappy image, my camera's broken.

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Good lord