Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas telly

My very very last 2005 post. Seriously. A compilation on what's on terresterial telly.


I am so glad that the bastards from T4 are far far away in Sydney. May they never return to Britain. Ever.

Christmas Eve

6.25pm Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special (BBC1) Strictly for the oldies only.
9.10pm Little Britain (BBC1) Final episode of the third series.
10.00pm Father Ted (Channel 4) The group of misfit priests finds themselves lost in Europe's largest lingerie department while out Christmas shopping.
11.55pm Carrie (Channel 4)

Christmas Day

12.20pm Tarrant in the Land of... the Polar Bear (ITV1) Chris Tarrant explores the Arctic Circle.
3.00pm Jamie Oliver's Alternative Christmas Message (Channel 4) Watch if you want another reason to hate this attention seeking twat.
3.00pm The Queen's Christmas Message (BBC1) Watch if you want a summary on what happened during the past one year and what the government is going to do about it (locking up people etc. etc. etc.).
3.10pm Shrek (BBC1)
3.25pm The Grinch (ITV1)
4.30pm Toy Story 2 (BBC1)
4.45pm Dances with Wolves (five)
5.30pm Christmas Creature Comforts (ITV1) Aardman Animations' creatures swap mindless pondering with gospel... and more debating.
6.00pm My Family Christmas Special (BBC1) The Harpers has the usual Christmas disaster.
7.00pm Doctor Who (BBC1) David Tennat debuts as the Time Lord in The Christmas Invasion, supposedly filled with anti-war messages.
7.50pm Tsunami: Where Was God? (Channel 4)Mark Dowd questions why god allowed the Asian tsunami disaster while Professor Richard Dawkins rationalised that there is no such thing as god.
8.00pm The Importance of Being Earnest (BBC2) Average remake of the comedy drama based on Oscar Wilde's play. Reese Whiterspoon is hot with her faux Julie Andrews accent.
11.05pm Little Britain: a South Bank Show Special (ITV1) Follow Matt Lucas and David Walliams in a documentary of their Little Britain production with comments by Elton John and Vic Reeves.
2.00am Cube (five) Excellent low-budget sci-fi horror where nerds die.


Annie Mole said...

Mmm looks like we'll mostly be watching DVDs then and possibly some Little Britain and Dr Who.

Merry Xmas Jon

Lady V said...

Merry Christmas Jon... and may 2006 be one of the best years ever!


the guy with everything and nothing said...

Merry Christmas dude! Hope you your Christmas list is now shorter. ;-)

Have a good one.

Jon said...


QUIK! said...

I have been having an overdose of Little Britain over at BBC Three. Eh eh ehhhhhhhh I'm loving it! Now don't give me evils!