Thursday, March 5, 2015

Brockley Market

Brockley Market is a weekly food and farmer's market held on the outskirt edge of Brockley close to Deptford and Lewisham Central. We've been living in Brockley for 1 1/2 years now and visits them at least twice a month. South East London hasn't been getting plenty of love by the media, local and regional government, so it isn't like we have a high street that is worth shouting about. We do not even have a none-chain groceries shop selling fruits and veggies. So something like Brockley Market has become crucial to the community here.

Brockley Market is divided into two distinctive bits - one which sells locally sourced market produce - meat, veggies, flowers, wine, cheese, fish and all sorts, an another half where street food hawkers sells hot food and drinks.You know, the kind that are despised by some top chefs in Soho because it is totally wrong to pay £5 to stand and eat something you can see cooked before your eyes, but it is totally okay to pay £40 for something previously frozen and heated in an oven.
Mother Flipper
Despite being set in the backwater known as South East London, Brockley Market attracts all sorts of amazing traders. Among a very small selection of them includes World of Zing who sells barrel aged cocktails and spices; Blackwoods Cheese, a local artisan cheese producer; Dark Fluid, a local roaster who sells both beans and brewed coffee; Mother Flipper, who probably makes one of the best burgers in London; Spit & Roast, whose buttermilk chicken bap with Korean hot sauce has us coming back for more; and Hix's FishDogs, where you can sample their life changing HIX donuts.
Life changing HIX donuts
As it is very popular, normally by 1pm, many of the popular items on some street food stalls would have sold out, so come early. If there is one downside to Brockley Market, it is only open from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays, so please, would someone at the council extend their trading hours.

Brockley Market
Lewisham College Car Park
Lewisham Way
Brockley SE4 1UT
Tube: Brockley, New Cross, Elverson Road DLR, St John's Railway, Lewisham DLR

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tsulin said...

We've moved here 1.5 years ago too and our neighbour's been raving about this place but we've never managed to visit - they should really also open on Sundays too!