Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TalkTalk are still scamming people

Well if you thought our war against TalkTalk has ended, you are sadly mistaken. Upon checking my last bill with TalkTalk, I found that they applied an engineer charge of £50.00. This was done without my consent.

If you remember, TalkTalk was supposed to connect us to the internet in November, but failed to do so under terms of the contract. After persisting for a week they finally relented and agreed to send an engineer to connect us. In my calls to TalkTalk, they never once told me they would apply a call out charge - and why should they? They fucked it up first.

So I sent them a stern e-mail questioning this frankly illegal charge. Here is their condescending reply.
Thank you for contacting TalkTalk about your bill. 
I am very sorry to hear of your recent disappointment with our services. We assure you that customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we want our services to reflect that principle. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.
I have checked your account and would like to confirm you that you have been charged £50.00 for the Engineer visit on 27th of November 2013. Engineer did not found any fault by attending the premises. Hence the charge is applicable to all the customers under the T&C acceptance.
I would love to give you the full refund of £50.00 but trust me I can't. As everything is not in our hand. I've checked your account and there are no notes to confirm that you've had a free Engineer visit at your property. So we are unable to credit you for the Engineer charge on your account.
Please, accept my sincere apologies.
Thanks for contacting TalkTalk. 
What a bunch of liars. An engineer came to fix a problem with TalkTalk after not connecting us for more than one week, and not once in my phone call with their customer service was I told that I had to pay if there were no faults found (which is frankly a lie, as we weren't connected for one week after we were supposed to go online).

When I called TalkTalk in October to move house, TalkTalk promised to reconnect me for free, and thus booked a free OpenReach engineer to come. This engineer failed to come and connect us. In fact, I still have a text by OpenReach claiming they didn't need to visit our property to connect us).

Now £50 is not much, but if TalkTalk thinks they can get away with secretly charging me £50, then who knows how many people they have scammed. I imagine they prey on elderly people who has no motivation to fight their dishonest predatory practice.

Our contract ends in November 2014 - that date can't come soon enough. In the meantime I urge you all not to sign up with them. They will do all they can to scam you. If you think Ofcom will put a stop on this practice you will be mistaken - these telecom companies have Ofcom in their pockets.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you have to be very wary dealing with talktalk. I've had numerous problems with their call centres - no common sense allowed, spending ages trying to prove it's a problem with your equipment even though it's really obvious the problem is with their equipment. I recently had a problem (terrible connection for weeks)which I knew was nothing to do with my equipment and after wasting hours proving that it wasn't with my equipment they said they'd charge me £50 for engineer visit which I would have to wait 26 days for!! After insisting on talking to people higher and higher up the food chain, eventually they said they'd post out a new modem. Problem solved - cause - faulty talktalk equipment.

For anyone dealing with talktalk and their infuriatingly useless customer service, if your not happy with anything, insist on talking to their boss, if that doesn't work insist on talking to their boss and tell them that you are recording the phone call for your own records. (Don't just tell them - actually do it)

They must be the only company that tries to charge more when they don't provide the service you've paid for. I never got a refund for the month of rubbish service. Frankly threatening to charge £50 for their errors is adding insult to injury.