Sunday, November 24, 2013

Talk Talk now ignores their customer's problems

Yesterday I managed to get Talk Talk, the UK's worst ISP, to give me a callback. This was after they 'diagnose' our problem and concluded that our line is working perfectly fine, despite we trying out every available telephone connection in our house to find this untrue. Never mind that the phone number they assigned to us actually belongs to another household, possibly in breach of data protection act, they downright lied to me about doing any so called diagnosing.
Well I was at home with my mobile phone glued to my head the entire time. It was 12.05pm when I finally received a call but only to get disconnected when I answered (I have full bars on my phone, so the problem is on their end). Now they have logged my issue on their service centre as 'solved', even despite not having bothered to talking to me in the first place. Oh, and the issue isn't solved. I do not have a dial tone on my landline, the internet does not work and lo and behold, the number still belongs to another household.

Thanks for wasting my time once again, you cretins!

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starflier said...

excellent. someone else having the same problem as me with TalkTalk too - i scheduled a callback and they HUNG UP when I picked up. and my internet is still down. so angry.