Friday, November 2, 2012

Science Museum Lates

Science Museum does a neat free event at the end of the month called the Science Museum (duh) Lates. It's an evening dedicated to all things entertainment and science. Best of all, it's adults only, meaning, no pesky things known as kids are allowed in. Rejoice!

We and a couple of friends decided to check out October's Science Museum Lates, which happened to coincide with Halloween. After braving the freezing October evening and large queues (who would know science would be so popular?), we got in all excited. In addition to the normal Science Museum stuffs, the day also hosted special science of alcohol events and lectures where visitors learned about this history of gin, sake tasting and brewing your own ginger beer.
It's not all just fun though, visitors also got to learn about how a typical Friday night is like for London ambulance crew having to deal with alcoholics who don't know when to quit. The resident IMAX theater also featured the Punk Science comedy routine behind the phenomenon known as beer goggles, but we sadly had to skip.

After getting all educational, we headed down to the Exploring Space room on the ground floor, where the famous Science Museum silent disco is held (under a Black Arrow launch rocket no less!). Two DJs blast out tunes through wireless headsets, which you can choose from. Here we danced badly under the judging stares of none dancing onlookers, who are probably wondering "what the fuck is going on here".
Another popular event (judging by the massive queues for it) at the Science Museum Lates is speed dating, hosted on the Launchpad City on the third floor. It costs £10 (free to members) and allows you to meet the person of your dreams or something. You do get a free drink thrown in apparently.

For a first visit to the Lates, we found that there were plenty of fun things to do. We're definitely going to make this a monthly thing. Science Museum Lates is free and occurs on the last Wednesday of each month (except December, when it is way too cold anyway).

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Emm said...

It sounds like such fun! I keep meaning to go to one of the museum lates or the Last Tuesday Club at RIBA. Think I'll try harder this month, being the last month it's on this year!

I love the silent disco concept! They had one of those at Exit Festival in Novi Sad. Lots of fun!!