Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Apple and fanboys from all sides

Apple has announced the new iPhone 5. Cue fanboy bitching. Lord knows I have been guilty of it in the past, but it's getting old and tired. My twitter timeline is filled with fanboys from all sides at each other's throats. These are so called mobile tech enthusiasts who were acting anything but. Even a certain rival mobile tech company has attempted to hijack the announcement of the iPhone 5 on twitter. It's tired and frankly, insulting.

I am pretty sure you readers know I am a fan of Windows Phone but I would never recommend everyone one. The needs of each people are different. There's a phone out there for just about everyone so why does it matter if someone prefers something different from what you are used to? This year alone I have used three different mobile operating system as my daily driver, and you know what, each one has their own laundry lists of faults.

A certain unnamed Windows Phone blog I regularly read wrote about how any photographers worth their salt would reach for the PureView (in this case he was referring to the Lumia 920) over the new iPhone just based on specs. Excuse me, but that's the most downright offensive comment I have read today about any photographers out there.

As far as I know the editor has not reviewed either phones. He probably had some hands-on time with a prototype Lumia 920, but he definitely did not with the iPhone 5, so he has zero clue on how the two would compete on image quality. Neither do we. But say on paper that the Lumia 920's camera than the iPhone 5's (the Lumia 920 has a 1/2 stop advantage), it makes little to no difference. That's not to say I wouldn't appreciate improvements. As a mobile tech enthusiasts I do, but as a photographer I just do not care.

Any self respecting photographer who is aiming for ultimate image quality wouldn't even consider using either phones. And if they had to use a phone, they would just use whatever they have in their pockets. A good camera just makes things easier. Pixel peepers will cry foul of course but they spend more time talking about cameras than actually using one. The best camera is always the one you are carrying, because ultimately photography isn't about the camera you use, it is about taking pictures. I will elaborate more in my upcoming love letter to Instagram.

Back to the iPhone 5. I like it. It looks great, the hardware specs is on par with everything we've come to expect from a smartphone released in 2012. There's no NFC or wireless charging, which some has seized upon to highlight Apple's lack of innovation. Fair enough, but is NFC or wireless charging really that important or life changing?

I have yet to see widespread deployment of NFC payment outside that of EAT, Pret and McDonald's. As for wireless charging, it's a neat idea but lord knows I want to carry a massive charger cradle with me everywhere. It isn't that unique - Palm Pre had it years ago and no one bought the damn thing. It certainly would not change my life.

As a mobile tech enthusiasts, I am happy to see the iPhone 5, even if I am no fan of iOS or Apple. I already love the iPhone 4S from a hardware design point of view, so I am happy to see Apple refining the design even more, even if I do not like the switch to 9:16 aspect ratio. There's no point forcing down a different design down our throats just for the sake of it then make all sort of bullshit justifications (designed for humans, inspired by nature heh).

Will I get it? No. Will I care if you get one? No.

Consumers will choose whichever phones they want. If you're offended by someone using a different phone to yours, then you need to get a life. All these negative campaigning and mudslinging by supposed tech bloggers is getting rather embarrassing.

Ps. I want to add that the new iPod Nano does look vaguely like the Lumia 800/920. But remember that the Lumia 800/920 also looks vaguely like the iPod Mini, fourth and sixth generation iPod Nano.

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