Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three launches AYCE EU data roaming package

I have some pretty neat news for readers who frequently travel to the EU from Three UK. Starting from this week, Three UK monthly customers will be able to enjoy all you can eat internet on their smartphone whilst in Europe. For a fiver a day, customers will not have to worry about overspending and running up a massive bill even when they move between countries.

This is good news for Three customers who love to hop on the Eurostar and wander around the mainland continent. There are alternatives of course, but each will likely require you to swap sim cards, not to mention having to research for each network in each European nation. This will take a huge load off for data hungry travelers  particularly those who frequently visit Europe on business. Imagine that, no more worries about having to use dodgy internet cafes to upload your photos to Facebook.

For those who are on a long holiday, the £5 a day internet pass is quite a lot. Data light users like me will want to research for local sims or roaming deals with their respective couriers first before jumping. But if you are a data heavy user, look no further.

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